Welcome to Sonder Creek Academy

Sonder Creek Academy (SCA) is a private, independent Junior Kindergarten through 8th Grade school in Walnut Creek

Children can do more

We provide the right guidance, environment and support for students to succeed  

Character Matters

SCA balances academic excellence with joyful learning, character development and citizenship

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Welcoming. Active. Intentionally International & Diverse. SCA has the best parent and learner community.

Sonder Creek Academy

Welcome to Sonder Creek Academy

Sonder Creek Academy (SCA) is a private, independent Kindergarten through 8th Grade school in Walnut Creek. We offer a challenging, engaging program in a supportive, diverse and welcoming community. All schools are unique, and we invite you to learn as much as you can about our program, our approach to learning, and the families, teachers and staff that make up Sonder Creek Academy

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Our approach

Our approach to education starts with our beliefs about children.

Children can do more

Children can do more

Children can learn and do so much, from infants to teenagers.  Some adults may be surprised by how much young learners can accomplish.  Not us.
Children want do more

Children want to do more

Children are naturally curious and motivated, but they may lose both if their environment does not encourage them to learn about and engage with the world.
Children grow their talents

Children can grow their talents

And this is about more than IQ.  Talents include creativity, planning, team work, and more.  We all have different starting points, but we can grow our talents with the right effort and guidance.

Across all grades at SCA, we share a common approach:

Challenge all and engage learners in deep, meaningful work – Growth comes from being challenged.  Not only challenged with another worksheet, but challenged to think a big thought, to complete a stimulating project or to view a problem in a new way.  Students will take to being challenged and will view their work as meaningful especially as it relates to their interests and experiences.

Expose students to a diversity of people, ideas and experiences – Students can better connect different ideas, place new insights into context and challenge their assumptions by gaining a multitude of perspectives.  We aim for our students, staff and curriculum to be as rich and diverse as the world around us.

Support the whole child – Students do their best learning when they are in a safe, supportive environment and surrounded by educators who are attuned to their emotional, social as well as academic needs.  Inquiry requires taking risks.  Learning involves ‘failing forward’.  We are intentional in building an environment that promotes learning

See how we translate our approach into action.

Small Class Sizes
Our homeroom classes and core subjects have between 18-22 students, smaller than many schools but still large enough to promote socialization and support group projects.
Even smaller skill-based groups
Our reading and math classes are split into smaller groups of around ten students and are based on student ability by subject. For example, if your child is ahead of grade level in one subject but at grade level in the other then their group placement will reflect that.
Authentic Spanish and Mandarin Programs
Students have the choice of pursuing either Spanish or Mandarin.  Both languages are taught four days per week, and most importantly, both languages are taught in the language.  This is not memorizing vocabulary and verb conjugations.  We want children to develop an authentic feel for a language through listening, conversation, games and reading.  Junior Kindergartners and Kindergartners get two days a week of each before needing to choose.
Positive Psychology
We help students develop their Growth Mindsets and further their leadership skills in our weekly Positive Psychology class.  More and more research shows that healthy attitudes towards learning and overcoming challenges are instrumental to not only academic success but to emotional well-being as well.
Inquiry-based Learning
That ‘ah-ha’ moment.  The ‘I wonder what would happen if…”.  Our students ask questions, explore, and pursue deep learning.  Through a combination of projects, hands on activities, experiential learning opportunities and more our students engage in inquiry-based learning. 
STEM Program
Students have STEM twice per week, starting in Junior Kindergarten.  STEM at Sonder is a trimester each of Engineering, Coding and then Robotics.  We have a hands-on Science program as well, and combined with our STEM program, students are engaging in real world problem solving almost every day. 

Academic Programs

One School, Three Campuses

JK, Kindergarten and 1st Grade

JK, Kindergarten and 1st Grade


2nd - 4th Grade

2nd - 4th Grade


5th - 8th Grade

5th - 8th Grade