Our Story

Our eager children have a real thirst for learning and our staff are committed to ensuring that every child thrives and feels safe in our community. We have high standards and you can expect the best at Sonder Creek Academy.

We are a private, independent JK – 8th grade school in Walnut Creek. We have a rigorous academic curriculum led by experienced teachers. We do not have any religious affiliation and welcome members of all backgrounds into our community.


Our community has been in Walnut Creek for over 80 years.  We are educators, students, staff and parents.  We go to school together, socialize together and we are raising our children together. We used to go to school on Jones Road.  The owners of our old school recently decided to discontinue operations.  Now our community, our educators, students, parents and staff are going to Our New School.  We hope you will come with us.


While our teachers, administrators and program are already in place, we are building this website in real time.  We will continue to add more information in the days ahead as we respond to parent questions.