Our Programs

We offer a challenging, engaging program that extends from Junior Kindergarten through 8th Grade. There are many unique aspects of our program, but a few highlights are:

Small Class Sizes

Our homeroom classes and core subjects have between 18-22 students, smaller than many schools but still large enough to promote socialization and support group projects.

Even smaller skill-based groups

Our reading and math classes are split into smaller groups of around ten students and are based on student ability by subject. For example, if your child is ahead of grade level in one subject but at grade level in the other then their group placement will reflect that.

Accelerated Learning

We recognize that students can do more and we aim to help all students go as far as they can go.  We believe placing students into subjects at their ability level.  If your first grader is reading at a third grade level we support that.  If your middle school student is ready for high school math we will challenge him/her with the right course.



All of our students participate in our weekly STEM lab. From exploding volcanoes to boats that go far, from popsicle-stick bridges to fireworks in a jar, we engage our learners in hands-on activities.  Ready to discover your child’s new favorite day of the week?


Extracurricular Offerings

Art, PE, computing and a foreign language are included as part of our school day.  We are also building out our afternoon enrichment series of optional courses and student clubs.  After school many of our students participate in music, chess, Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts and more.  Are you interested in seeing an additional offering?  Let us know!


Language Program

This year all of our students take Spanish. Starting in 2021/2022 we will offer both Spanish and Mandarin Chinese as options.  Optional afternoon language classes will be available for students who want to advance their language acquisition even further.  


Inquiry-based Learning

That ‘ah-ha’ moment.  The ‘I wonder what would happen if…”.  Our students ask questions, explore, and pursue deep learning.  Through a combination of projects, hands on activities, experiential learning opportunities and more our students engage in inquiry-based learning.